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Mean Handjobs
All dominant ladies here specialize in cruel cock teasing and ball tortures and as you can see they know what they are doing. They like to tie up and torment male's genitals for hours and they get really aroused when they hear loud and uncontrollable begging for mercy of their obedient slaveboys. Their treatment of men's dicks and balls are sweet and exciting as well as mean and painful at the same time.
Suburban Sensations
Come inside and take a peek at these dominant girls who have quite weird and definitely perverted hobby – ballbusting. Nothing is more exciting for them than seeing their pathetic ballbusted slaves begging for mercy. However they accept no excuses and these poor guys have to endure all the cock and ball torments that are prepared for them today. Take a closer look at these painful scenes!
Cock squeezing, ball kicking and other CBT punishments are waiting for you here. These cruel models want to be in charge of their subs manhood and they treat their genitals like ever they want. They slap that sacks so hard that their ball might not ever work again. However they don't really care what can happen with these obedient ballbusted boys since the only thing they do care about is their own pleasure.
Smashing Your Balls
If you still want to see more groin kicks action check that exclusive and hot site dedicated to the hottest POV ballbusting. All the pretty girls here get off on beating and biting manhood of their lovers. Some of the most violent bitches squeeze, scratch and kick vulnerable ball of their boyfriend and make they cry like babies. Remember that your nuts will be in danger as soon as you enter that smashing balls domain!
Brutal Ballbusting
Wild female dommes can't stop until they get their slaves' balls absolutely ruined. They use whole range of cruel and extremely painful genital tortures to punish and train their pathetic subs. Everything from ballbusting to electro chock genital torments is used to make them scream in pain. These poor ballbusted men can't do anything to prevent that unbearable pain for sure!
Brutal CBT
If you think that these ladies are just going to blow your cock and lick up your balls then you are terrible wrong. They prefer to bust and grab your balls, torture and trample with their high heels your cock. Take a look how hard they can slap male's genitals and trample vulnerable nuts. They are brutal ballbusting girls and this is the time to have fun. They aren't going to stop humiliating their ballbusted slaves anytime soon.
Kinky Kicks
That is the site where ballbusting is taken to the whole new level. Femdom goddesses here play their cruel games with submissive guys and kick their balls as hard as they can. You will find truly exciting group ballbusting episodes and will see what can happen with someone's manhood if several hot and dominant chicks would slap, squeeze and bite it. Dozens of hot bitches and pathetic ballbusted slaves!
Cock and Balls Torture
If you think that simple ballbusting and light cock and ball tortures aren't enough you should check that extreme website dedicated to ultimate genital punishments. Only here you will find most extreme methods of ruining manhood with use of terrible looking torments devices. Slaves here experience penis insertion tortures, cock squeezing and get their cocks nailed by mistresses.
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